Apex Program

APEX Program Program Highlights

Customized learning paths Two educational tracks: Vocational Prep, and GED Prep Standards Based Instruction vs Traditional Seat-time Instruction Technology enhanced learning experiences Daily subject area instruction Access to the Plato Lab Student Expectations Regular school attendance Maintain C or above grades in all classes Adhere to Student Code of Conduct Develop personal portfolio of academic progress Mastery of Sunshine State Standards Parent Expectations Regular contact with teachers to monitor progress Attend all parent meetings for students involved in the APEX program Participation in Parent/Teacher Talks Develop educational/behavioral contracts with teachers for your student Provide parental support to the student, teachers, and administration Teacher Responsibilities Create standards based curriculum for student mastery of the Sunshine State Standards in subject area. Regular contact with parents to discuss student progress and success. Provide a positive educational environment for students Provide, monitor, and maintain academic and testing data Incorporate real-world experiences into lessons: Career Fairs, career education field trips, and community service projects.AP