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Apex Program

APEX Program Highlights

2021-22-St Johns Technical High School APEX- brochure

Student Expectations

Regular school attendance.
Maintain C or above grades in all classes.
Adhere to Student Code of Conduct.
Develop personal portfolio of academic progress.
Mastery of Florida Standards.

Parent Expectations

Regular contact with teachers to monitor progress.
Attend all parent meetings for students involved in the APEX program.
Participation in Parent/Teacher Talks.
Develop educational/behavioral contracts with teachers for your student.
Provide parental support to the student, teachers, and administration.

Teacher Responsibilities

Create standards based curriculum for student mastery of the Florida Standards in subject area.
Regular contact with parents to discuss student progress and success

To apply to our APEX program for 6th-8th graders, please follow the steps below.

  1. Download the following application and save to your device.
  2. Send the completed form/file to [email protected]

St Johns Technical High School Application 2022-23