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What is a Career Academy?

A Career Academy is a sequence of specific elective courses designed around a career theme.  Career Academies create a “school within a school” feel since students select to be grouped by a common area of interest.  Each Career Academy has a Program of Study that helps guide students in course selection and plan for postsecondary experiences. The Career Academy course is one of their elective courses that they will take each year they stay in the academy.  Students still take all of their academic courses required for graduation at the same school.

Academy of Aquaculture

at St. Johns Technical High School

The Academy of Aquaculture offers students the technical knowledge and skills needed to prepare for further education and careers in the Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources career cluster.  Students study agricultural history, the global impact of agriculture, biological, environmental, and technological principals in aquaculture, anatomy and physiology of freshwater aquaculture species, reproduction, propagation and culture of aquaculture organisms, plant science, water quality, operation and maintenance of aquaculture machinery, equipment, and facilities, and commercial hatchery or fishery rules and regulations.  Students are engaged in traditional soil-based farming and aquaponics farming within the school’s 20’x36’ greenhouse.  Industry certification can be earned as an Aquaculture Technician. Students can pursue entry level careers in aquatic farming or further their education in aquatic biology, fishery science, environmental science, or aquaculture.



Academy of Culinary Arts
St. Johns Technical High School

The Academy of Culinary Arts engages students in a curriculum that integrates academic and technical training to students for a variety of careers in the food service industry. Students learn about the history of Culinary Arts and study international cuisine. Textbook theory and hands-on skill development focus on workplace safety, safe food handling, basic food science, basic nutrition, recipe conversion, food preparation, baking and pastry art, proper use of commercial tools and equipment, menu planning, front of the house and back of the house duties, and food service management.  Students are engaged in project-based service learning, job shadowing, and internships in partnership with local restaurants and hospitality entities. Industry credentials and certifications earned in the Academy are SafeStaff Food Handler and ServSafe Certified Food Protection Manager.

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Career & Technical Education (CTE) of St. Johns County

First Coast Technical College - Your Future Comes First

First Coast Technical College is located within steps from St Johns Technical High School.  FCTC offers Career and Technical opportunities that are convenient to your classes offered at St Johns Technical High School.