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7132011_52510_0Career Academy Defined: Career Academies are unique“school’s-within-schools” that offer structured, personalized learning through career related classes with a focus on technical skills. The exciting opportunities for students offer them a chance to succeed academically while getting a leg up towards their career goals. Students prepare for college and a career by enrolling in advanced academic and technical courses. Students will gain a skill they will keep for a lifetime…it’s like choosing a college major. Plus, Career Academy students go to college more often than other kids. Solid academics and career skills…That’s what Career Academies are all about.

Academy of Coastal and Water Resources
St. Johns Technical High School

The Academy of Coastal and Water Resources offers students the technical knowledge and skills needed to prepare for further education and careers in water, natural resources and environmental science.  Academy students receive industry relevant, hands-on training which can lead to opportunities for industry certifications in water resource management.  From water quality testing via boats on the Intracoastal Waterway, to working with our local water utilities, to building oyster reefs for shoreline protection in the estuary, the Academy students are exposed to all aspects of managing our most precious resource, water. Learn more about the Academy of Coastal and Water Resources.

Academy of Culinary Arts
St. Johns Technical High School

Students enrolled in the Academy of Culinary Arts are guided by real-world industry professionals so they are career ready upon graduation.  The program offers a sequence of courses designed to provide rigorous content aligned with challenging academic standards and relevant technical skills needed for further education and careers in the Culinary Arts.  Hands-on laboratory activities such as:  safe food handling, tools and equipment skills, safety procedures as well as, many levels and types of food preparation are integral to the program. The academy focuses on all aspects of culinary arts with an emphasis on industry certifications for our students. Learn more about the Academy of Culinary Arts

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (IT) Manufacturing Internship Program
at St. Johns Technical High School

The Carlisle IT Manufacturing Internship program is a platform to introduce St. Johns Technical High School (SJTHS) students to the various aspects of manufacturing technologies and provides them with hands-on, industry relevant experiences.  SJTHS students are also learning essential employability and life skills necessary to succeed in the workplace.  Through the Carlisle IT partnership, St. Johns Tech students work one-on-one on the manufacturing floor with Carlisle mentors.  Carlisle IT is developing our students into future employment prospects who are career ready upon graduation.

For more information, visit:
Career & Technical Education (CTE) of St. Johns County

First Coast Technical College - Your Future Comes First

First Coast Technical College is located within steps from St Johns Technical High School.  FCTC offers Career and Technical opportunities that are convenient to your classes offered at St Johns Technical High School.